Latest post-Covid-19 update - September 2020

The latest update on the charity's projects from one of the trustees, Frances Chanmugam. Read more

Nadeesha's Lockdown Diary

One of the girls from the home made a video of her time spent back in her village during the Covid-19 lockdown Read more

A happy (late) Christmas!

Frances gives an update on a belated Christmas surprise! Read more

Heading to the cricket

Tony and Frances took some of the girls to the cricket recently for a great day out! Read more

Welcoming a new Sister

We have welcomed a new Sister at Carmel Home to help take care of the girls living there. Read more

The annual Christmas show

Tony's update on the Christmas show at Carmel Home! Read more

A busy October!

Since Tony and I returned to Sri Lanka at the beginning of October, we have been busy with all kinds of things. Read more

Sports, arts and a special birthday

February has been a really busy month for the children here in Sri Lanka. Read more

Forever bound, forever friends…Bracelet making with the girls!

I remember when I wore friendship bracelets with my girlfriends back in school and we genuinely felt indestructible. It’s funny how just a piece of woven string and some beads can do that. Read more

Second week of term and Thaipongal

We are now into our second week of the new term for the children. They have all settled into their various schools with their new teachers, some are happy, some not so happy, as you can imagine! Read more

A wrap up of 2018 at the Carmel Home by Frances

Tony and I spend 5 months in the year with the children. This is a brief summary of some of the things we do with the girls every year. Read more

Christmas concert day

The Christmas party at the Wikasitha Pre-school in December was a great success this year. Read more

St Monica’s Catholic Primary School fundraises for FARS Chanmugam Trust

Frances was delighted to be asked recently by St. Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Southgate, London, to give a talk about the FARS Chanmugam Trust. Read more

Samadhi gets into university

We're so proud of Samadhi, the first girl from our home to get into university. Read more

A day at the pre-school

One of our regular visits to the pre-school sponsored by the Trust. Read more

Happy news!

Congratulations to our trustee, Marianne, on her wedding day and thank you for raising funds for the Trust on your gift list! Read more

Soraya runs the London Marathon!

Our youngest Trustee , Soraya Akinsanya, ran the London Marathon this year in aid of the FARS Chanmugam Trust. Read more

The beginning of our story

Frances Chanmugam, Secretary of the Trust and married to founder Tony Chanmugam talks about how we got started. Read more

First Christmas at Carmel Home

The first Christmas with Carmel Home open was celebrated in style. Some of the trustees, plus several friends and family went to celebrate with the girls at the home. Read more

Opening day at Carmel Home

Opening of the Carmel Home for girls in Colombo Read more

Constructing the Carmel Home

The Carmel Home was built from the ground up with funding from the FARS Chanmugam Trust. The Trustees visited regularly to see how construction was going. Take a look at some of our early photos! Read more