Our vision

No child deserves to live every day feeling unsafe or unwanted. We want to help disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka live and learn in a secure, safe and caring environment to encourage and help them to fulfil their potential.

Take a look at our video to see a glimpse of what we've been doing so far. 

Our mission

Our ambition is to create and support projects aimed at providing disadvantaged children with security, a caring environment, moral and spiritual values, educational support and work experience. We will continue to give the children support after they leave school in order to help them in their future lives. 

What we do

We are always looking for potential new projects we can support that fulfil our vision. At the moment our projects include:

  • Running a home for school-aged girls in Colombo who do not have a secure home environment
  • Supporting a pre-school in a small village providing free education for children coming from lower income families
  • Refurbishing a school to give the students a safe environment to learn in
  • Helping hundreds of families with food and various other needs during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown

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