In 2019 some of the trustees met with Sr Therese Ranee who inspired them with her dreams of rebuilding a small school in Tetapolla, a town a few miles west of Puttalum on the road to Kallupitya. It is an area of great poverty, where nine of our girls in Wanathamulla originally come from.

The school was very run down and had just over 50 pupils when Sr Therese Ranee and then Sr Dilani became involved. Consequently many families sent their children to schools far away from home. The drive and enthusiasm of the Sisters means that the school now has over 100 students. Sr Dilani, the Principal of the school, works tirelessly to improve the quality of teaching and the building's facilities.

The school is funded by the Government, however the buildings have been left in very poor condition with no windows and leaking roofs. The playground is a patch of sand infested with snakes and there is a shortage of teaching aids.

The children at the school come mainly from very poor families in the local area which means that even regular meals are not always available. Despite that, the children always have a smile on their faces. Small things, like throwing a ball around with each other, brings hours of enjoyment. We really love our visits to the school and we have been enjoying our time getting to know the local community.

So far, we have helped by refurbishing three classrooms and providing teaching aids and sports equipment. The children deserve much more and we have plans to build a playground and hopefully a new building containing new classrooms and a computer room.

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