Trustees being welcones at Wikasitha Pre-schoolThe trustees regularly visit to the Wikasitha pre-school to see the children and their teachers. During our September visit we were greeted by some of the children who gave us gifts of posies made out of paper flowers. We were invited into the classroom to see all the renovations which have been carried out since we were last there. ThWikasitha Pre-School group photoe children recited some rhymes for us and sang some songs, all in English. We were treated to a King coconut juice, straight from the shell, which had been cut down from the tree just that morning! It was then lunch time for the children. They prepare by washing their hand in the new sinks and fetching their place mats which again have been provided by FARS Chanmugam Trust. Their meal consisted of rice, dhal curry, fish curry and a vegetable which they all thoroughly enjoyed. We had brought them some chocolate cake which they shared after  lunch. It was then time for them to be collected by their guardians some of whom came forward to give us a gift of a hamper of fruit. It was a lovely time for us and we enjoyed seeing how these little ones are progressing.