Group shot of everyone with their bracelets

I remember when I wore friendship bracelets with my girlfriends back in school and we genuinely felt indestructible. It’s funny how just a piece of woven string and some beads can do that. But it did. And that’s because it was so much more than just an accessory. It represented a sisterhood.

Soraya and Serena getting the friendship bracelet kit outSerena (my sister) wanted to recreate that same feeling for the girls at the home so she decided to run a bracelet-making workshop on our visit. We were a little worried that language barriers might make it difficult, but once the gems, charms and 10 different colours of thread were revealed (purple was their favourite by the way), we discovered language was not going to be an issue… we could all speak ‘Fashion’ quite fluently 😉

Group shot of the girls wrists and their braceletsIn addition to all of the creative talent in the room, what really stood out for me was just how caring and generous the girls were with one another. They seemed to take more pride in designing bracelets for each other rather than their own and were instantly willing to help anyone that was struggling with the fiddly parts… yes I admit I was definitely one of them! So much so, that one of the girls (Thishani) even braided me a beautiful piece as a gift. It was so sweet of her and reflecting on it now, probably one of the most valuable pieces of jewellery I’ll ever own!

Such a fun day and props to Serena Chanmugam for organising.

A few more photos below of our day!

Soraya helping one of the girlsGroup of girls making friendship braceletsTwo smiling girls making their braceletsSerena showing the girls how to make friendship braceletsSerena helping one girl with her braceletTwo girls helping each other make a braceletGirls making braceletsGroup watching closely as one makes a braceletConcentrating on making a braceletGroup shot of hands and friendship bracelets